Friday, April 17, 2015

Excuses, and the reason for being

Keep reading, there is a point, trust me.
Robin Baratta artist studio after water pipe burst
plumbing disaster aftermath

I've been evicted from my studio by a broken water pipe. this is the third time this has happened, and I'm NOT happy. especially since the Lambeth Art Association show is just days away and my last painting is giving me fits.
It's also been a very busy couple of weeks in the teaching end of my art business, and my computer has been in the shop off and on almost continually for the last month, I'm sending this to you from my phone, I despise typing anything longer than a few lines on those itty bitty buttons, and the battery life...don't get me started...and I've got to get my taxes ready for the accountant, how am I supposed to do that with out a computer!
Whew what a lot of excuses! If you really want to do something nothing will stop you.
First of all; it's inconvenient, but I bring my current project upstairs and work off the dinning room table, I have a dinning room table sized drop cloth, the sink is close by, the light is good, and the view from the front windows is almost as inspiring as the view from my studio. No problem. Well except for the problematical painting. I approach each painting with 'it's all just an experiment, no worries' as my attitude, so either I get it, or I pitch it.
The busy couple of teaching weeks? Hallelujah! Cha Ching... I teach because I love it, because I like being able to pay my bills and because I want to be able to travel (grist for the creative mill), which takes money. So in what world is this a bad thing? The schedule piles up like that occasionally, but for every week when classes collide, there's another that's free!
Computer issues, ah what a 21st century problem, I'm not even going to go there.
Taxes? business taxes aren't due until June,- another reason to register your business- and they're almost done.

Excuses are fear's voice,  too often we let fear stop us from living our dreams and doing the things that we were born to do.
I know my reason for being, I acknowledge excuses/fear, then work to overcome them, I don't always win, but I keep trying. It's not easy, but if following your dreams was, then everyone would.

Be a fearless dreamer.

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