Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The How's and Whys of Buying Art According to Chatalaine

In my last post I talked about Big Box store art, vs 'real art', who buys what and for what reason.
Interestingly, right after I wrote that I read this article in Chatelaine and it's second part.
The best advise the articles give is very simple.
 Buy art because you love it.

These two paintings are on their way to the Westland Square Foot Show.

painting, floral, Canadian artist, Robin Baratta
Nature's Still Life, glazed acrylic, Robin Baratta, 12x12, $180.00

painting, The Chutes, Canadian artists, Robin Baratta
The Chutes, glazed acrylic, Robin Baratta, 12x12, $180.00
And this one too, assuming it gets done on time!!!
work in progress, Robin Baratta
work in progress: the initial sketch, tentatively called Just Down The Road #3

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