Friday, August 28, 2015

Don't Wait: Part three

In part one we talked about the dreams that get left on the back burner of our busy lives, and I suggested writing those dreams down, a bucket list if you will.
In part two I suggested that you choose one to start working on, I asked 'What can you do as a first small step? how soon can you do it? What might stop you from doing it? What do you really want? Why is this goal important to you?  How will you know it worked? Create your plan, and work it.'
That last part is the hardest, for example:
Heather Kohl and I are planning on doing a joint show, we've been talking about it forever.
Our work is dis-similar, but we both love rich colour, texture, and glossy deep finishes, and we feel that our work compliments each other. Heather and I have similar goals, work ethics, and drive. We both want to break into new (to us) markets, and are willing to do the work to make it happen.
We met this week to talk about planning, and what we need to do as first steps.
We chose a name 'Omnium Gatherum' meaning a collection or medley, a few simple parameters for the work we'll each be doing and looked at venues and their submission requirements. 
We have each talked to contacts about what we would need to do/know/prepare, we looked at the resulting suggestions and each choose areas that we needed to either brush up on or start.
 We have decided to keep in contact to keep each other encouraged and on track, and get back together in March to check our progress and decide on our next steps. 
If we've both completed the tasks we've set for our selves we can start submitting to the venues on our list.
Our first steps are: creation of (her) and maintenance of (me) newsletter contact lists (I've let mine slide this last year or so, lots of excuses, but no real reasons),  creation of at lest 6 good pieces for portfolio submission, and good photo's of each. We both need to create great web sites, mine sucks, her's is an embryo, and we both need to document our sales history,  show history and any media coverage we've garnered.
A few of those steps are outside of our respective comfort zones, but they need to be done, having each other for support, and a time line will hopefully take some of the pain away, but not entirely. I take solace in knowing that it will be worth facing my fears, and that the bogeyman is mostly imaginary.
And that is the bottom line, most of us don't act on our dreams because we're afraid, but the fear is mostly unfounded.  I've always said to my kids 'what is the worst thing that could happen? and what is the best? don't miss out on the best for fear of the worst.'
It's time to follow my own advice.
How about you? What are the first steps to your dreams? what is the worst that could happen? and the best?
Are YOU prepared to miss out on the best that could be?

Vincent, My hero and inspiration what fears you faced, and overcame. 

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