Saturday, April 9, 2016

Letting Go And Starting Over

Tenacity can be a great character trait, unless it descends into stubbornness.
I'm afraid that too often I slip into the latter. So with the Lambeth Art Association Show just days away I've had to look that particular devil in the eye and let go of two paintings that I've spent way too much time and effort on. Since I've entered those painting in the show I've started over with two new paintings, which are going much better.
Most paintings go through an ugly stage, but the 'bones' should be good and pleasing even through the uglies. These two turkeys started out OK, but those good bones didn't survive some experiments gone awry. The learning from the experiments is being applied to the new paintings, and already I can see that they're going to work. So stay tuned and watch them progress.

Work in progress
Works in progress

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