Monday, May 16, 2016

Ignore The Experts

As an avid reader of all things art I noticed that sometimes I put too much credence in the word of the so called experts.
Case in point, this blog: the experts say 'content is king!' 'Consistency is every thing!' 'Stick to a schedule' Have a theme' too much advise and after years of postings suddenly this blog was in danger of dying. 
By trying to have interesting and informative content for every post it became work. It started to languish and was fast entering the land of the abandoned blogs. 
So, I'm back to blogging for me. I never really cared if anyone else read this, it started as a way for me to record and think through my own progress. Be warned if you do read this blog, it's  all about me....again 😊

The finished results from last post:
Palmato, Hunting Island South Carolina
Sculpted by wind 8x10, $130.00 contact

marsh, Hunting Island South Carolina
The Marsh, 8x10, $130.00 contact

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