Monday, June 4, 2018

Musing, on the Muses

Well another PSAG show has come and gone, the work was so amazing that there was a 5 way tie for members choice awards...
The point if this story is in the aftermath though. 
My wonderful life mate and helper extraordinaire spent much of his weekend schlepping art stands etc, his only payment dinner at our amazing local restaurant. 
While we were there a RV type bus pulled up and disgorged a dozen or so people who looked like they were direct from LA, bling and plastic surgery abounded, and they were wrangled by a harried chap called Saul who looked like his ulcers were worse than his frazzled nerves. 
One of our local gents said hello, as people do in our small town, only to be verbally slapped down by a particularly haughty young woman. 
Saying distainfully do you know who I am!?!
The rejoinder: no and with an attitude like that I don't care to. 
The young woman appeared to be in total shock. She was obviously used to being toadied to. 
It all caused me to remember something a mentor said many years ago. 
Those of us who have been gifted with talent, and blessed with some level of success need to remember to be grateful for the gift. Always be kind and compassionate to those who's gifts are different from ours, and remember what the muses give they can also take away if you prove undeserving. 
I don't know who they were, and like the local gent I don't think I care to, but the muses know, and I hope the young woman learned a valuable lesson yesterday, before the muses decide she doesn't deserve her success. 

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