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What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

Trio of new paintings just begun

Trio just begun


These three are destined for the Lambeth Art Association Show, which will be the beginning of May this year, as are several others you're about to get a sneak peek at.

I've been a busy busy girl, not only do I have a bunch of shows coming up..."tis the season"...but I'm in overdrive getting work ready for my museum solo which is just a year away. That sounds like lots of time, but I need at least 12-15 new works for it, all the while keeping my galleries and guilds 'fed'.
I have the supports, I've been working up sketches, the terraskin is here, so NO volunteering for extra duties this year... which I find hard to remember!

Ready for the LAA show

Sparta Line Spring, 12x12, $190. I like to tootle along the country roads, trusty sketch book by my side. I look for patterns in the land that tell stories. One of my favorite geographical features is the misfit stream, a tiny creek that was once a raging river fed by melting glaciers.
Don's Dang Hill. 12x12. $190. Farmers like my neighbour Don, may curse these remnants, but they tell a story of climate change that is playing out again. This time humans are at the helm, where do we steer the story? Only time will tell. 

Mother Tree, 12x12, $190.This grand old lady's fate also rests in our hands. Her trunk has a hole where generations of owls have fledged.  She had a sister just up the road a piece, who was felled last summer, let's hope she doesn't meet the same fate.
 Antler River Spring, 12x12,$190. Spring floods often carve whole new landscapes, we can fight it, but in the end water will always win. Hence the importance of preserving flood plains, like this one just outside of Delaware.

Next month just before the show, I'll send you peeks of the other work I'll be putting into it, plus whatever else I have on the go.
And..... I'm pleased to tell you that two of the three mini paintings I put into the Portside Gallery Miniature Show found new homes. Thank you Portside!!
Beach Breeze is still available, and I'll be taking it to the Art Emporium in Port Stanley, where you can purchase it, or contact me directly.

Beach Breeze 4x4, $75.
Until next month

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?


Lots of sketches 

Ok so technically this is on my work table, not my easel. 
Hubby, Studio Dog and I have just returned from our annual snowbird trek to South Carolina. We have a teeny tiny RV and a powerful desire to escape at least part of the winter, so away we go.
Because said RV is very teeny tiny, I sketch. I've tried painting, but imagine two people living in a space the size of the average bathroom with a very large dog, and you'll understand why that was an epic fail.
Now we're back I've started the process of turning these into hangable art.
Terraskin paper has been prepped, backgrounds are underway... let the art begin!
February is the start of the art show season. I have three 4x4" mini's ready for the Portside Gallery Mini Show. 

The View From Here, 

Beach Breeze,

Almost Fall

The show runs March 1-31. Portside Gallery, 187-1/2A Main St Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada, and is always stunning.

I'm pleased to be included in the St Thomas Art Crawl once again. I'll be located at the Library 153 Curtis St, St Thomas Ontario. This is the 6th year for this popular event, and my 5th year as a participant. 

The popular winter celebration of local arts and culture invites people to explore venues throughout St. Thomas and meet talented local artists engaging in the creative process.

A free Arts Crawl passport is available at participating venues and helps crawlers locate the venues and artists they'd like to explore over the two-day event on February 22nd and 23rd.
  Megan Pickersgill the event coordinator says "Something exciting we’re seeing is the increase in special activities Artisan food, cultural dance, music, steampunk, a bonfire, and acrobats! You never know what’s going to pop up when and where so it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for Crawlers to experience all these different forms of creativity.”

The After Dark – a post-Crawl celebration, and an event that can be enjoyed on its own – is being held Saturday night at the CASO Station. Here, experience a special art event featuring Kelly Wilson or some virtual reality while munching from Salt and Pepper’s Taco Bar, before sitting down to the tunes of Deni Gauthier, The Shangles and Chris Casserly.

The passport, containing information on both the venues and the artists, is available at participating venues and downloadable on the Railway City Arts Crawl website. Each venue will stamp the passport and if the participant reaches 10 venues, they are eligible for a prize draw.

And in case you're wondering if Big Beach Tree's made it to the St Thomas Guild Show....

Yes I got it done in time, and it found a new home :) 

Until next month

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