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What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

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Barely Begun

The working title for this one is 'Zoned Industrial'  while that maybe depressingly accurate, I'm afraid that it may be simply too dire a title for a work of art...what do you think?
This is along the Commissioners Rd Industrial Park where a new factory is being built. The day I was sketching this, there were bulldozers in the field, preparing it for 'development. I'm always sad to see another area of prime agricultural land go under concrete.
This month I've been working on larger pieces, so my insta account @robinbarattaartist has been quiet. I don't like putting up wip (work in progress) shot's that all look the same. The building of layers is often a slow process, not easily seen by the camera lens.
This is Donnybrook Undulation, also 24x30, She is very close to done, next step is to take her off the plascore board and mount her onto the cradled  board which will be her permanent support. Then let her proof for a while sitting on my living room easel, where I can look at her in various lights, and let her talk to me.  
The next several layers will be the ones that fully bring her to life, and they can't be rushed.

That's the stage Coming Back From The Beach is at. In fact since this pic was taken a few days ago there have been a few tweaks to create a better sense of distance.
The sketch for this was done a couple of years ago at Huntington Beach SC where we go for a winter break.
For the fourth year in a row, this area has again been hit by a hurricane. 
The dunes are like a living sculpture, after every storm, they shift, and reassemble into a different pattern.
Unfortunately hurricanes often remove much of the sand, leaving the areas they protect vulnerable. 

Did you know I was interviewed on What's Up London? It was a very interesting experience, and I'm appreciative of being recognised this way. Jenna was a very congenial host and well prepared, we got along so well that I forgot to plug my upcoming solo at STEPAC, and the Art Emporium. It was also very interesting to stand in the control room when people were coming and going from the stage, and listen to them talk about my art, when they didn't know I could hear them... If you'd like to see the interview here is the link This letter is a tad late, as I was waiting for the link to go live lol.
You'll be happy to know that Manitoulin Spring found a new home at the St Art Guild Show, she went with a lovely lady that spent many summers on The Island, and has very fond memories of them.
Also, I won't be writing to you until the end of February, as I'll be taking my annual social media fast. I'll be back on time for the St Thomas Art Crawl though and I'll let you know where I'm going to be stationed, it's always a fun event!

Count down......

Weeks to solo 17, weeks to self imposed deadline 4
works completed 16 3/4 of 15-20! 

Happy Dance

May the best of the season be yours, have a joy filled New Year, and may your 2020 dreams come true.


What's On My Easel?


A couple of bigger works underway.

The one in the front is the path to the beach at Huntington Beach, one of our favourite vacay spots, and the larger one is just up the road from where I live here in Elgin County SW Ontario. I'll tell their stories in my next post, when they're done.

Corn As High As An Elephant's Eye, finished this month is 12x16. You can usually tell what month I painted something in by the subject and colours used, and this is obviously September,  The tree's were just beginning to colour up, the corn was mature, and as always I found the abstract patterns in the land irresistible.  The same is true of Hamilton Rd Pump-house, also 12x16.

I fear for the future of this wonderful rolling land. Subdivisions are springing up all around it. The displaced deer and wild turkey have moved in but the' for sale' sign is up, it's only a matter of time before this refuge is gone under the leveling bulldozers too.
Finally finished is Chester's Lament 24x24. It's been Almost There, for several weeks, the last tweaking has at last satisfied my inner critic...she can be quite demanding!

I apologize for the glare on the pic, it looked good in my phone, argh!
Chester was my mentor, I wrote a post about him here, He passed earlier this year, a loss I feel.
After the visitation I did  a few plein aire pastels in our favourite spots, and this painting of an intermittent stream bed is the end result. 
I called it a lament for a couple of reasons, the obvious one being the when, but the less obvious is the subject matter. The now invisible stream bed is choked with Phragmites, beautiful to look at but definitely an environmental lament.
The Culture Days opening at The St Thomas Elgin Public Art Center for In View Of The Artist was amazing, they always put on a great show. Here's moi with Along Carriage Road.

And here's the invite for the St Thomas Art Guild show and sale, which is fast approaching.

You'll be happy to know that Eye of The Iris has found a new home, Thank you Art Emporium,
and  Flight Path will be up for auction at the STEPAC annual fund raiser.
Now For The Count Down

Weeks to solo show: 24, weeks to self imposed deadline:11, works completed: 15 of 15 to 20. Yippee!!

It's not time to snooze though, I'd like the security of having 20, so I can pick and choose, and I have to make sure I keep replacing work that sells. Also I've applied to a few other places for shows that would run after my Solo is done in June. I've developed a really good rhythm and I don't want to lose it. to work!

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