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What's On Robin's Easel June 2020 and July

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

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Starts, and 'Oliver Twist'

The start is of course on my easel, no name yet.  The sketch was done in March, on location, and here is what inspired me,                                  
That's called artistic licence, lol

The Oliver Twist is Hamilton Rd Undulations, 24x30, which is one of those paintings, that just keeps asking for more.  It's been hanging on my wall 'proofing' for over a month, periodically I take it down, gave it the more it's been asking for then hanging it back up to see if it needed more again.  Finally, I think it's done...

I drive past this vista regularly, there’s a rutted farm track that goes through the fields and the land tells tales of retreating glacial flood waters, followed by forests, then farms. These fields are zoned industrial use, one by one they’re disappearing under concrete and asphalt. I makes me sad to see.

detail shot:

There's a few works on my work table too, 

One of those is Donnybrook Green and Gold, which was a bit of an Oliver Twist too, though not as demanding as it's brother!
They will all be done by next month's instalment and before then, you can find them on my website, or on my Instagram @robinbarattaartist

Last but not lest Chester's Lament is now part of the Permanent Collection Of the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre Museum, and Ready has a new home too! 
All in all, other than the weather, it's been a good month!

Until next month

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

New Work, & Exploring Edges 

Ok, so technically this is on my work table, not my easel. 
This is on my easel...

So much has changed since we spoke last. 
Hubby, Studio Dog and I were just about to leave for our snowbird, which was lovely by the way. 
I had made my goal of 16 works for my solo at the regional museum and we had the world by the tail.  It turned into a tiger though.
H., S.D. and I got home just ahead of the boarder closures. I participated in the St Thomas Art Crawl, then...the world shut down.
We've all been healthy, I truly hope you have too, but I know this has been a hard time for many, and I thank God that I've had art to sustain me. 
 At first I thought my show might go on, so I did a few extra pieces.

Donnybrook Green and Gold, 24x30 $600

detail from Into The Distance 12x16, $230.00
To view them all go to my website there's too many to put up here. 
When it became apparent that it wouldn't, for a few weeks I felt paralyzed.  
A funny thing though, it actually gave me time to think, and to grow.
For some time I've been wanting to celebrate to edges of my paintings.
I was often reluctant to cut off the painting's edges when I mounted the work, the intersection of the painted and unpainted are fascinating and beautiful in their own way.
As I started to paint again I allowed the edges to creep inward, and to become part of the story. 

Ready, 12x12 $215.00
As I proceed the edges are becoming more and more important, and more and more a part of the story. 
My solo show has been rescheduled to November-December 2021.  I have a feeling that it's going to be much more experimental than the show I had ready to hang.
Perhaps, that's exactly what I needed.  
I hope the last few months have allowed you too, the chance to discover, exactly what you need.  
Until next month

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