Saturday, May 29, 2021

April 2021

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What's On Robin's Easel This Month?


Who's Messy Studio???


I usually try to keep the chaos to a minimum, but I've got six pieces on the go and  things have gotten a tad out of hand lol.  The two upright 12x12's on my tilt table are under-painted, awaiting texture, the flat two are at the background and line stage, Square Foot Shows will be coming soon and I need to be ready!

To the right on the big bench is   
an almost complete, as yet unnamed 12x16, suggestions??? along a country back road (between Dorchester and 401) a ditch bisected a field, the contrast between the uncultivated green and ready to plant soil caught my eye. I love these green highways, safe havens once the crops grow, for the wildlings that use them to traverse a dangerous world.

Working Title: Road To The Lake, 12x36.
Taking the back roads to catch the Chi-cheemaun in Tobermory all roads lead to the lake, for many Ontarians the memories of these road trips are intrinsically entwined with summer.

These two, will be completed soon, and then I'll get them up on my website 
The current lockdown, (3rd) is playing havoc with schedules everywhere, so the Art With Panache 6x6 show is rescheduled to May 31st-June 30-fingers crossed! I plan to have work in that.

The Lambeth Art Association has launched a website in lieu of our annual show which would usually run this weekend. My work will be up on that site, however after everything that was going on last month I submitted late, so it's not up there yet. 
Also my solo show at STEPAC has been postponed again. I'm still up, but now I open August 7th.
Good news/bad news that gives me two extra weeks to have my very best work ready, but the show is two weeks shorter, sigh.

I'm also looking at other venues for shows, there are a few I'm applying to and I'll hopefully have news soon, but it's a process that takes time. 
Meanwhile, I've been working at posting more regularly on my Facebook professional page Robin L Baratta Artist, and my Instagram @robinbarattaartist feed's there too, so if you're interested give it a follow.

As always I love feedback, so drop me a line, I promise to respond in a timely manner

Until next month

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