Monday, July 26, 2021

June 21

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What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

Exhibition Announcements!

Ok so this is not what's on my easel...but how exciting is this, they're here!
Thank you to Laura Woermke for hand delivering them to me, now we just have to get to stage three, so that the STEP Art Centre can be open to the public! click on the link to see my show announcement on their page :)  
August 7-September 4, 201, Gallery Three St Thomas Elgin Public art Centre, baring a miracle we won't be able to have an opening, but maybe an artist talk, fingers crossed. 

So what's REALLY on my easel?  a bunch of skies at the moment...already to have the sketches I have ready transferred, so I can start painting.

My favourite texture building medium has been changed radically by the manufacturer, (again) so I've been experimenting with different  mediums, trying to figure out what's going to work best for me, and where. Lets just say that I'm a tad frustrated with the manufactures... Ok so artists are supposed to be creative, and able to rise to new challenges, but really this is twice they've done this, in just over a year grrrr.

Just finished...with different mediums.

Tor, Celtic hill fort, an ancient place of safety, now a place of peace and dreams, surrounded by fields of wild daffodils, and grazing sheep.  If only all battle grounds could be this way. 

16x12, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang, 

$255.00 do you have the perfect spot for this, if so you can  buy now

Thank you to my amazing Welsh cousin Deb Tilley for the reference photo see more of her art and  photography here

Where The Sidewalk Ends
This quite literally is where the sidewalk ends on our morning walk. The end of the street is still a field with a view, but not for long, subdivisions are fast gobbling up the surrounding lands.
12x12, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang.
$225.00. If it's still here, this will go to the Westland Square Foot Show in November, but why wait when you can buy now ?

Have  GREAT MONTH, and see you at my show! 

Until next month

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