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August 2021

08/27/2021 - What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

It's A Big One!

This is the underpainting for my large sized commission, It's actually quite a bit further along then this and by next update, barring catastrophe it should be done.
We are exactly a year after the tornado that damaged our sunroom etc, so I don't use the word catastrophe lightly!  After several false starts they SAY we should finally be getting the sunroom fixed starting this week, the gazebo only just finally went up. Some of that is Covid delays, but mostly it's just misadventure, AKA bad luck.
Usually I do these big paintings in the sunroom so having to move it now is causing a bit of muddling, but no fear, I've used the dinning room on more that one occasion. My friend Sue Garrington calls her dinning room table her axillary studio, so the precedent is set lol. 

My exhibition at Stepac at 301 Talbot in St Thomas is in it's final week.
I'd like to thank everyone who's come out to see my long anticipated show, especially everyone who posted such rave reviews, and to those wonderful supporters who purchased work a million thanks! Putting our work out into the world is always a bit nerve racking, seeing it bring joy to peoples lives makes it all so worth while.

Last update I was experimenting with mediums, one was immediately trashed but the other two survived, we had some fun on my instagram  @robinbarattaartist, and facebook Robin L Baratta Artist with suggestions for painting names. and they are:



Across undulating hills the tractors dance, in their wake the soil swirls, lines and rhythms to catch the artists eye, patterns in the earth, visual music. 
6x6, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang

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A gentle separation, of field and field, crop and crop, properties, a treeline waves. Far friendlier than a fence, and a place for the wildlings to travel to, from and along, poplars, maple, sometimes evergreen. Green punctuation marks upon the landscape.  

6x6, glazed acrylic, cradled wooden board, ready to hang
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Until next month

proud mama 
congratulations to my son and daughter in heart


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