Saturday, November 6, 2021

October 2021

 October 2021 issue

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?


Ok not literal turkeys, but paintings that for what ever reason just didn't live up to their promise.
If they're honest every artist has a few, or more than a few... the idea seemed good, but the execution failed somewhere.
After the two solo's and the big commission, I took a week off, which somehow stretched into a month filled with the myriad of stuff that had gone undone in the last few months as I pushed to the finish line. One of those things was pulling out a stack of not quite successful paintings and  seeing if they could be rescued.

Who knew how addictive rescue work could be!

One of the stashed is 'Back From The Beach'. In May of 2018 I had an accident that resulted in a concussion. Being the stubborn impatient person that I am, I tried to go back to the studio too soon and made a mess, which got stored with the other turkeys.
The post concussion version 'Coming Home From The Beach' has found it's forever home, yay! and I feel the time has come to retackle the original in a looser style that has been simmering in my brain and hands, that's a sliver of it to the left of this picture. 

With the (fingers crossed) waning of Covid, shows are starting to come back, most with online options like Westland's Square Foot Show, November 24th to December 30th.
My submissions are: 
Where The Sidewalk Ends       Posted            Going Around The Bend

Also STEPAC has their Annual Miniature Show and Sale on November 13th to December 23rd.
My submissions are:
     Tree Line                  Swirls                Junction              Elgin Spring

I wish you all the best of late fall, and fingers crossed we have a good winter, though it's coming way faster than I for one would like, sigh.

Until next month

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