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                         Printed Canvas and Paint Kits

          Project packs are made to order, please allow 

5-7 days for order fulfilment.

Free contactless delivery for orders of $60.00 or more St Thomas/London Area.

keep checking in, new projects added regularly!

Umbrella Girl S-1

Pack includes: Mylar paper, brush, paint, medium, paper frame, tips and instructions. 
Inspired by the quilt pattern Sunbonnet Sue

$5.00 per pack order here 

Valentines ( February 14) Mixed Media Painting W-8

Pack includes: Design on painting board, Paint, brush, mixed media pieces, adhesive, cord, tips and instructions.  Valentine legend/fact sheet/conversation starters.

$5.00 per pack order here 

Watercolour on Mylar Snowflake Painting W-5

Pack includes: Mylar sheet. watercolour and acrylic paints, brush, salt resist, paper frame,  tips and instructions.

$5.00 per pack order here

Pastel Poem R1-1

                        Pack includes: base paper, mounting paper, paper frame, instructions/tip sheet,

 $4.00 per pack plus $3.00 for oil pastel 12 pack

 Downloadable PDF colouring pages:

Floral, 10 designs $1.00

Mechanical. 10 designs $1.00

Animals, 10 designs $1.00

Landscape, 10 designs $1.00

Christmas, 10 designs $1.00

Spring holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Summer holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Autumn holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Winter holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Combo pack, 90 designs $5.00

Printed packs are available, printed on card stock, $2.00 each pack or $10.00 for the combo pack.

order here

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