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Project Packs

 Project packs are made to order, please allow 

5-7 days for order fulfilment.

Free contactless delivery for orders of $60.00 or more St Thomas/London Area

Check every Monday for: 

Newest Project Packs

week 48

Foiled Christmas Cards C-1

Pack makes 4 cards, includes, contact paper templates, paper shapes, foil, paint, paint applicator, decorative tape, card stock, envelopes, tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here 

Mask and Paint Christmas Cards C-2

Pack makes 4 cards, includes, watercolour paper, diffusing dyes, paint, masking shapes, decorative tape, card stock, envelopes,  tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here

Week  47

Foiled Leaves F1-13

Pack includes: contact paper, botanicals, foil, paint, brush, paper frame  instructions/tip sheet,
 $5.00 per pack.

November 'Care Givers Month' F1-14

Pack includes: base paper, mounting paper, pastel 12 pack, paper frame, instructions/tip sheet,
 $7.00 per pack

Project Packs By Season 

Seasonal holidays and special days are listed in the appropriate season

Fall Project Packs Page 

The Halloween Page,  Remembrance Day page    Christmas page

Memories Project Packs Page

keep checking in, new projects added Every Monday!

Coming soon Downloadable PDF colouring pages:

Floral, 10 designs $1.00

Mechanical. 10 designs $1.00

Animals, 10 designs $1.00

Landscape, 10 designs $1.00

Christmas, 10 designs $1.00

Spring holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Summer holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Autumn holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Winter holidays, 10 designs $1.00

Combo pack, 90 designs $5.00

Printed packs are available, printed on card stock, $2.00 each pack or $10.00 for the combo pack.

order here

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