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Newest Project Packs

January 25

Character Pots J-1

Pack includes: Pot form, plaster cloth, brush, dye,   tips and instructions. 

$5.00 per pack, $2.00 optional liner pot, soil, Taro pant corm(bulb).  order here 

Gullah Inspired Black History Month Collage W-9

Pack includes: Base paper, repositionable adhesive collage elements, paper frame,  tips and instructions.  Gullah fact sheet/conversation starters.

January 18

Valentines ( February 14) Mixed Media Painting W-8

Pack includes: Design on painting board, Paint, brush, mixed media pieces, adhesive, cord, tips and instructions.  Valentine legend/fact sheet/conversation starters.

$5.00 per pack order here 

Mardi Gras (February 16) 'Mosaic' Mask W-7

Pack includes: Mask, 'mosaic' paper, glitter paint, gems, feathers, ribbon, adhesive, 
tips and instructions.  Mardi Gras fact sheet/conversation starters.

$5.00 per pack order here

January 11

Chinese/Lunar New Year, (February 12) Lotus Blossom Lantern W-6

Pack includes: Lotus Blossom template, decorative embellishments, tips and instructions. 

The story of the origin of the lucky lotus lantern and Chinese New Year Celebrations.

$5.00 per pack order here

Watercolour on Mylar Snowflake Painting W-5

Pack includes: Mylar sheet. watercolour and acrylic paints, brush, salt resist, paper frame,  tips and instructions.

$5.00 per pack order here

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