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Rogers interview On the set of What’s Up London with @goodhandjenna

To watch the interview go to Rogers TV

Elgin Life Magazine January 2021 pages 12-13

Recent Shows

*2023* LAA, PSAG, Westland Squarefoot

*2022*  LAA Online, PSAG, STEAG, Westland Squarefoot, Summer and Grace -Joy-across Canada juried show

*2021* Solo Show, Gallery Three, St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre. Solo Art With Panache London Ontario, STart online, Westland Squarefoot

*2020* Solo Show postponed to 2021,  Portside Miniature Show, Westland Square Foot Show,

STEP Art Centre miniature show, 

Full list going back to 2005

Recent Awards

PSAG, 2023, Honourable Mention

LAA, 2023, Judges Choice

STart, 2022, Honourable Mention

PSAG, 2022, Honourable Mention

Full list

Founding member Art Gallery of Lambeth 

Founding member and director Art Emporium Port Stanley

Guilds and Art Associations:

DAN-Dorchester  Artist Network, served as secretary, treasurer and president

PSAG-Port Stanley Art Guild, served as secretary, show convener and president

STart-St Thomas Art Guild, served program coordinator, show convener and president

LAA-Lambeth Art Association, served as AGM convener, and dinner convener.

Fine Arts judge Thorndale Fair, 2012, 2013, 2019

coordinator Art display program Elgin Business Resource Centers (ERBC)2012-2017

coordinator London International Airshow, Poster Art Contest 2013-2014

Steering committee Arts Country 2011-2013

consultant Lexus invitational show, 2012-13

Convener Elgin Colours of Fall Studio Tour (E.C.F.S.T.) 2008-2012

Full list

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