Monday, December 3, 2007

week of Dec 3

Well it's here, winter that is. I've been snowed in which means I missed art class, and a planned "gallery crawl" with one of my artist buddies, might seem like a bad thing, but at lest I was able to get a couple of miniatures done that have been commissioned as Christmas presents. I think everyone loves humming birds.
Each of these presented their own challenge, getting the sensation of strength and softness that is so typical of hummers, keeping them light and iridescent, and the foreshortening of wings and tails in motion.
I will never forget the day I held a male ruby throat in my hand, he'd hit the window of the nursery/greenhouse I worked in and was stunned, he was so incredibly soft, and so light I felt like I was holding thistle down. His feathers glowed like jewels, and I was smitten.
My garden features 11 bird feeders year round, and in hummer season you can add 3 sugar water feeders. I must admit that several of the plants in my garden were chosen with humming birds in mind. Enjoy these harbingers of summer on this cold and blustery day. Robin

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