Wednesday, December 12, 2007

week of Ded 10/07

Good day art fans, well it's been an exciting week, the sales of my miniatures have been brisk to the point where they're almost gone!! what a wonderful problem.

I've managed to get to both art classes this week in spite of inclement weather . The Tuesday night class breaks now for Christmas, and Monday morning has one week left then it/we break until after the New Year.

We've had a raging debate in both classes re: good art v.s. not good art, and what constitutes the difference. What sparked this debate was the announcement of the RBC Canadian painting competition winner. The winning painting (the artist gets $25,000.00 and tons of recognition) was a painting of the canvas stretchers . So the artist had replicated the structure that holds the canvas taunt (frame around the back) on the front of the canvas. ~I hope that makes sense to you~. The fact that it won makes no sense to me or to any others artist I've spoken to.

O.K. so it took some moxie but really... is it good art?? the judges seemed to think so, artist's don't agree.

Wikipedia defines art as one individuals form of self expression that elicits an emotional response jn another. the trouble is that that leaves the door open for all kinds of stuff that is questionable at best, illegal, immoral, and just plain bad taste at worst. By that definition the perv exposing himself in the park is an artist, and that is exactly what many serious artists are afraid of. In the same publication there is an article about an "art video" that features some guy rolling around in the snow wearing only boots and a fur hat. Art??? bad maybe. Certainly nothing that will stand the test of time me thinks future generations will not revere that one. Enough ranting here are the two pieces I did this week, unfortunately I've run out of mats so please excuse the board.
With the February Miniature Show coming up at Portside Gallery in Port Stanley, I have to get a bunch more done... so hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go. have a artful day Robin L B

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