Sunday, March 9, 2008

The first part of the commission is finished, and just in time, I have to give it to the lady tomorrow. Then I have to get the second part done (a black lab) a.s.a.p.
This little gal is Libby, and she is a birthday present for the person who loves the real her. The painting is 11"x14" which is significantly bigger than the dog it represents.
I'm in negotiations for an April show in St Thomas, I''ll let you know more details as they come up.
And of course, as the various paintings I have to get done in the next short while are progressing, I as always will give you sneak peeks.
I was asked why some of the pictures I'm showing here (on my blog) pixalate when you try to print them... well first of all, as all artistic works are copyright protected, (copies should not be made with out the artist's permission) prints shouldn't be being made. To help combat that I generally take the photo from a distance and then crop it to reduce the number of pixels, all of this is done to help protect my copyright. No publishing it on the web does not make it public property, and even in the case of a commission, I, the artist, still own the copyright.
Illegal copies are a problem that is becoming quite prevalent now artist's are using the web as a marketing tool. An artist I know went into a local restaurant, and on the cover of the menu was a lovely painting of a fly fisherman, yep... his painting, copied off his web site, with out his permission. The most extreme case I've heard of -now this is a story circulating in the artist chat rooms, so take it with a grain of salt- is of an artist going into W--mart and finding a display of art prints, some of which were of one of his paintings. True? I don't know, but it's very possible.
So if some of the paintings posted here fuzz out when you click on them to enlarge, I apologize, but one must protect ones self, Pirates are every where har har, not just the Caribbean. Cheers Mateys

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  1. Hey Robin it's me Tanya.....Awesome!!!!!!


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