Friday, March 14, 2008

show confirmed

I just got confirmation for the April Show. It will be in the St. Thomas Elgin Library. on 153 Curtis St. I hang on Tues April 1st,and I'll get more details for you as It gets nearer.

I've been working on the second commissioned dog painting. She's a black Lab called Tilley. I didn't crop the photo much this time, so that I could give you a glimpse of my studio.

In the top photo you see Tilley on the easel, my tabouret, pallet, bushes etc. in front. Reference books, colour charts etc behind, I use the old encyclopedias to press leaves and flowers for my collages.

The freezer (to the right) makes a great work table, and I have it covered with several layers of plastic, so that as one gets mucky I can just whip it off and continue working.

In the second photo are the racks I use to keep my collage papers sorted and my other tools near by. Unused canvasses are under the desk, and storage in the drawers. the table in front is the one I'm going to do for the Community Living London auction/fund raiser. Once I'm done the commissions, that's next. In the Lower right corner is a stack of paintings waiting to go to a show, I store them in cheap pillow cases, cheap ones from the dollar store are usually heavier, sturdier material, and they breath.

If you look closely on the rack you can see my birding binoculars, and through the window are a couple of bird feeders. ( I have lots of bird feeders). When I can, I work off the computer monitor, v.s. a photo as it has better depth and colour. of coarse the best choice is a live model.. but birds don't stay still, and people expect to be paid. So until I can afford to pay models (sigh, dreaming here) the monitor will have to do.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual studio tour (the flipping spell check has gone again... sorry)


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