Wednesday, March 19, 2008

art and show

wow, what a feeling... ahead of schedule! Tilley is done. This painting is the second half of the commission I've been working on. She has raised several favourable comments from my painting peers, which is always a good thing. Now as long as the customer or patron in art speak is as happy, the mission will be accomplished.
I hang my work at the St Thomas library on Tuesday April 1st in the morning. The 'art wall' is just to the left of the circulation desk. Look up, way up. I'll have 9-10 paintings there for the month.
The library has asked me not to hang Eve, or any of her sisters, as much as I expected that it always frustrates me. The same evening at the art guild meeting I was speaking to another artist who has been asked to remove her life studies (nude figures) from an 'art show and sale'.
It's not as if these works were pornographic, or even mildly erotic. Art has a long history of celebrating the human figure, and yet people would rather see, and have their kids see, images of death, dismemberment, violence and destruction, than a tasteful nude.
Artists have often lamented this strange outlook, and I could tell stories, like the public galleries that have strict policies that don't allow nudes (even if it's a copy of an old master), or of the time when a set of clothing was made for Michelangelo's "David"
The human figure is the most challenging form for an artist to paint, and is a thing of remarkable engineering, and beauty. This topic has so many related issues, ~IE body image in young women, don't think that's related? Of course it is. the body is 'dirty/ugly' ergo 'my' body is dirty/ugly...~ that I could go on, and on, and...but I'll stop now. Robin

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