Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've been having a bit of trouble with Google, which I'm hoping is straightened out now. When I first created the blog, the Google crawl-bot found it no problem, the last few weeks though, either it doesn't find it at all, or it finds weird parts of it??? I've spent way too much painting time trying to fix it, so keep your fingers crossed for me that this time the fix will hold.
Enough grumbling, this is another 'bread and butter bird' , yes I know it's a cardinal, but these paintings are my bread and butter (grin).
On the weekend I had a conversation with a gentleman who runs a concession, at the local farmers market. He makes and sells the most beautiful bird feeders and houses. He has the largest concession there and he was asking if I'd please bring some of my work in to him. I'm not sure that original art will sell in a farmers market, although his things (he builds them) are works of art in themselves. We'll try them and see.
Kim (my mentor) has also been very strongly suggesting ~ repeatedly ~ that I do a series of the "dogs with attitude", which would mean taking advertisements of my work to groomers and vets, and drumming up business generally. Of course that would also mean registering as a business, which I have looked into but, the thought of that brings visions of paperwork to me, which frankly scares the poop out of me.
That is one of the reasons so many artist's fly under the radar, I don't make enough money from my art to be in the black, I would actually be farther ahead if I 'went legit', as I could write off expenses and get some money back from the government come tax time... but paper work... I'm allergic. Robin

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