Wednesday, April 30, 2008

presenting, Heather

I think, I'm finally content with the painting of Heather. I know~ I said that last week, but this time I mean it...

I'll still spend time the next couple of days looking and analyzing before I put on the varnish, but I think this is the final version.

The varnish step is to protect, and preserve the painting.

The acrylic paint I use is a very high quality, and won't yellow or flake. It is almost impermeable to stains and water, but adding that one last layer of protection is still a good idea.

Today's acrylic varnishes are far superior to the old ones, which yellowed and cracked.

Many of the old masters paintings appeared to be dark and dingy until the old varnish was removed and new put on. None the less those great works of art were preserved, so that we may now see their full glory, no small thanks to that thin layer of varnish. So... I varnish.

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