Sunday, May 18, 2008

back from holiday

Last week I was on holidays from my jobb (four letter word lol) I take a week off in May most years to work in the garden and get it off to a good start. Last year we put in a larger pond this year was finishing the waterfall and landscaping around it. My to do list is still huge, like most gardeners I always have another project in mind. The picture was taken from an upstairs room through a screen window, on a dark rainy day (today) so please excuse the resolution as I had to lighten the exposure, or we would be looking a a dark blob. Perhaps on a better day I'll get a better picture for you. Right now the rain is sluicing down, I'll soon have fish swimming in the lawn if this keeps up. And yes those are a few of the bird feeders.

My Mom came and stayed with us on Mothers day, and the birds put on quite a show, we had Rose Breasted Gross Beaks, Cardinals, American Gold Finch, Oriels , Nut hatch, various Sparrows, Doves, Grackles, Chickadees, and I'm probably forgetting some one, all at the feeders while she was watching. The high light this week was the humming bird having a splash bath in the waterfall in the small pond. I've heard of this, but that's the first time I've witnessed it.

The small pond is at the base of the retaining wall at the bottom of the photo.
The pond pictured is approx 20' x 15' and 4' deep in the center. the water lilies have only just begun to spread their leaves... it's early in the season here. As I've barely begun to work on the other half of the yard, I'm not showing you that, it's a mess!

So this is my excuse for not doing much painting this week. I did finish and deliver the table for the charity auction. And again I must apologize for the photo's distortion, The items for bid will be at White Oaks Mall Wellington Rd S. London in the atrium, Friday June 13th to Friday June 20th, with silent auction sheets on them.
The actual auction will be on Saturday June 21st (I think, I'll confirm these dates for you) with a dinner at the Four Points Sheridan on Wellington Rd. South in London (Ontario). Denice Pelly will be performing, and it will truly be a gala event, tickets are available from Jocelyne at 519-686-3000 ext. 334. Make sure you get into White Oaks to look at the pieces, there are some extraordinary items for bid, and perhaps I'll see you at the dinner.
In preparation for the summer art fest season, I've been reworking some older pieces that I knew I could improve, It's funny, when I did them I thought they were great, but as I learn and develop more skill I can see where I can change these older pieces to make them better.. so that's my plan, then maybe, I can sell these works this summer. I also am working on some new stuff too so don't despair, there will be lots to see in the up coming weeks. Until then....

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