Tuesday, June 17, 2008

art in the park this weekend

The show in Port Stanley was this weekend, Friday night was an absolute crush, I hear Saturday was really busy (I had to work) and Sunday was too. As is always the case, the art was amazing. We had a little bit of everything except round art (sculpture). I heard many comments regarding how the show and the talent just keep getting better. Monday the 30th is the show wrap meeting/dinner/party when we hear how we did. Last year was a record breaker, and I imagine this year was close if not even better than that.

I didn't sell anything this time, but I've had two calls re: possible commission work, so we'll see if that works out.

I over heard a couple of things on the Friday night and Sunday when I was working the floor (keeping the hooks full/replacing sold stuff, and answering questions) one was a comment by some people from some of the other guilds,( one lady from the Lambeth guild, the other from the Brush and Pallet) and they were wondering why (in their 'I'm annoyed' voices) our prices were so much lower than theirs. The other conversation I over heard was a woman saying to her companion "oh yeah I buy them here, take them to Toronto and sell them for four times as much" she had an arm load of work. By the way, that's totally unethical.

The topic of pricing is a thorny one, that just keeps coming up over and over. If you search the 'net you'll find lots of formulas. Some price by the square inch. from $2 to $15 per. By that standard I should be charging a minimum of $640.00 for my favourite size 16x20. Another is to pay your self an hourly rate., plus materials. At minimum wage (8.50/hour)I'd be averaging $397.5 plus the cost of canvas paint etc approx $25.00, So about $425.00. If I paid myself what either of my kids make per hour as skilled trades people, that would go up to $725.00. I've been asking $195.00, and up to $295.00 for commission work.

I don't know very many in this area who charge enough. Two hours up the road in Toronto, the formulas work. Yet London is supposed to be home to more millionaires per capita than any other city in Canada.

The problem is that if only one person in an area works by the formulas...

No wonder I can't make a living at art.

Anyway this weekend is the Art In the Park here in Belmont. come down and join us. this little guy will be there. The painting's an unusual shape, therefore the watering can didn't get cropped out. We have many of these little guys in our back yard. For such a small creature ~about the size of a loony, they make a tremendous noise. My husband, half joking, says they're out to get him, (he accidentally ran one over with the lawn mower last year). When I cleaned the windows last fall there were little suction cup toe prints all over most of the windows! Perhaps this will appease them. TTFN

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