Tuesday, June 10, 2008

before and after

Here is the before and after for 'Venus in Pearls'. The yellow one is what happened after I listened to the wrong people, and ruined a good painting.

The green one is the same painting, now that I've gone back in and tried to fix it.
as I said, I learned a valuable lesson on this one. Namely don't listen to every one.
I've been busy pulling together the last details for both the Port Stanley Show this weekend and the Art in the park next weekend.
Both will be wonderful events, Port Stanley always puts on a great show. The Art in the Park is now up to 9 artists. We will have a little bit of everything, sculptors, painters, carvers potters, jewelers... I hope to see you there. (See previous post)
Also don't forget the Charity Auction in White Oaks Mall which starts Friday. Whew.
I just realized I've never put the Charity Auction on my C.V. I'll have to do another up date. I've spent the morning updating my show book, which is basically a scrapbook of my career. It had gotten quite out of date in the last year. I knew I'd been busy.
Must go I've got to go battle the Great Blue Heron, he's back and cleaning out my pond.....

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