Sunday, July 27, 2008

Artfest was Saturday

Artfest Elgin was Saturday. I've gone several times as a patron, this was the first time I've gone as an artist. My observations may therefore be skewed, but it didn't seem as busy this year as others. Artists who've been in the past also thought it was slow.

This area has been hard hit with plant closures so many people are curtailing their spending. As much as we all would like to think art has more importance than many people give it, simple fact is, it is a luxury.
I'm sure the weather had a lot to do with attendance too. It only sprinkled a few times at Pinafore Park but the areas around us were absolutely deluged. We had almost constant thunder grumblings, and strong winds the whole day, but the rain held off right up until the end. Everything was safely packed away when it finally started.
Going home we could see the fields were flooded, and my ponds were overflowing again, so we had to have had at lest 2-3 inches. (My rain gage blew over so I'm guessing)

I'd like to thank my next door neighbours who loaned me a giant tarp. Even though it didn't rain much, the tarp helped me worry less, and helped break the wind. The wind still knocked things over and damaged a few things, but I didn't fare as badly as some who had no protection. So thanks Chris and Shelley, I owe ya one.

I seem to be in a collage mood. This is a small one, 5x7.
Collage is something I definitely have to be in the mood for, where as I can paint any time of the day, any day of the week, and actually get cranky if I don't (paint). Collage is a definite mood. kind of a listless, short attention span, don't want to work too hard, almost lazy mood. Don't get me wrong, collage is still a very thoughtful process, in someways a more thoughtful process, it's just a different kind of thoughtfulness. I don't have to completely submerge, and give myself over to the media, the way I do when I paint. So I guess... (epiphany) collage is less of an emotional commitment for me. As my emotions are otherwise engaged at the moment, that makes a kind of sense. So expect some collage for the next while, at lest until I get used to the idea of being a G.I.T. ~ grandma in training. :) 'see' ya next week, or before if anything exciting happens.

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