Tuesday, August 12, 2008

lazy days of summer

Awww summer, lazy days spent doing nothing important, kicking back, relaxing...

I'd really like to know where that stereotype came from. It sure doesn't typify my summer! If anything things speed up and get busier by far.

This collage (New Moon Magic) is 8x10 mixed media.

Mixed media means basically that just about anything can happen on the canvas, or in this case canvas board.

I start off by painting the prepared board with liquid gold, or sometimes copper. This gives the collage a luminescence that otherwise it would lack, and that way too, if some of the board peeks through it adds rather than detracts from the finished work. Then I start arranging my manipulated papers and botanicals until the composition starts to speak to me.

Manipulated papers start life as acid free tissue paper that I Dye and Paint and Stamp and Embed things in, and then.... I rip 'em all up.

The botanicals are leaves and flowers and bits that I've collected and pressed. It's fun, and seems to be pretty much a summer thing for me. The rest of the year I have paint group twice a week, where I meet with some of my art buddies, and I paint. (Collage is not a very portable kind of thing to do) Plus collage is a more pick up and put down endeavor, so I can work on it if I only have a few minutes, (like when life speeds up in the summer) where as when I paint, I become totally submerged in the work and barely breath, hours go by, and I'm unaware.

Iron horse Festival will be August21-24 in St Thomas. Talbot St (main street) is shut down and there is something for everyone. http://www.ironhorsefestival.com/ The St T. Artist Guild will be in a huge circus style tent at the west end, and there will be lots of wonderful art to see, and maybe you'll fall in love with something by one of our fabulous artists. See you there!

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