Sunday, August 17, 2008

sweet potato queens

I've been reading a wonderfully funny and poignant book called 'The Sweet Potato Queen's First Big Ass Novel." It's the life stories of a group of outcasts who meet in high school. One is an art geek, one a writer, another a singer, all misunderstood creative souls. Trying to conform not only doesn't work, it is disastrous for them, so they develop the motto ' we're gonna do what we want, do it our way, and to hell with everyone else"

That pretty much the sums up the response most of us creative types have to develop. (I too was one of the art geeks in high school) No thin skinned types need apply.

It seems that most of the creative people I meet have a story of this kind. We just seem to be wired differently. Perhaps that's why I'm enjoying the book so much. It could almost be about me, and a group of my friends. I recommend it to anyone, not just the "art types".

This piece hasn't yet told me it's name. The round objects down the left side are coins oxidized to the point where they are unrecognizable. I found them buried in my garden, a little treasure trove. I'm sure they too have a story to tell.

Don't forget Iron Horse Festival is coming up this weekend Aug 21st to 24th. See ya there!

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