Monday, August 25, 2008

Iron horse festival

Iron horse was this weekend in St Thomas. The Art Guild's tent held a wonderful display, I hope you got out to see it. My art almost didn't get in, my sister in law and great niece went out to see the show and noticed that it had been forgotten, oops. Thanks Helen for the 'catch', and thanks Heather for going back for them. I was there for take down (we had to take the display down each night and put it up each day...lots of work...thank goodness for lots of hands) at night but I was only able to actually work the show on Sunday ( the job ya know) I spent most of my time sketching the people walking in the tent, Some of the sketches I gave to the persons drawn (they asked) and some are still in my sketch book. My hubby says I have O.C.D.D. obsessive compulsive drawing disorder, lol I think he maybe right. I love the challenge of trying to to capture an image in just a few seconds, for the most part I get close, although there are a few duds here. It's all learning and practice.

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