Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MacGregor Provincial Park, Tom Thompson

We're back from holidays. We spent a week camping at MacGregor Point Provincial Park. We hadn't been to this park before and were pleasantly surprised. It's a very large park with huge private sites, miles of hiking trails, and it's a birders paradise. We were too early for the mass migrations, but we still saw many species. I have a new camera that I've been trying to learn, and I hope some of the pic's I took turn out, if so you'll see them incorporated into paintings here.
On the Thursday we went into Owen Sound to the Tom Thompson Exhibit, at the gallery on 1st St., near the waterfront. It was a smallish display but there is no denying the power of his work especially the later pieces. You have to see the brush strokes which are simply amazing. You can't get that feeling from a reproduction so if you get the chance, go to Owen Sound and see them for your self and you'll understand what I mean.
Since I've been back I've been working on a new concept (for me) that I developed while away. It was kind of a Road to Damascus moment... I was napping in the truck on the way back to the park after the gallery experience, when I woke up the whole concept was laid out in front of me... stay tuned, I'm very excited about it.

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