Sunday, September 7, 2008

silent spring

This is the first of a series I'm tentatively calling 'at risk'.

Frogs and their kin, are like the canary in the goldmine. Their population health and numbers are an early indicator as to how healthy the habitat is for all living things... including us. There has been an alarming wide spread decline in frogs and amphibians in general. Scientists have been trying to discover why, and have found that concentrations of many chemicals in the waters from a variety of sources, are affecting these creatures in many adverse ways. Some of the greatest culprits are residuals of medications that are not removable by current means from 'water treatment' plants. First the frogs go silent: then ... us?

(source: Scientific American June 2008)

For a very long time I've been trying to figure out how to use my art the put across an environmental message. Concern for the environment is on every one's lips these days, but for me it's been a lifetime awareness. My parents turned down the thermostat, used a rain barrel, composted, walked v.s. drove etc etc long before it was trendy. My sib's and I have all inherited that concern. We were taught early to always leave the campsite cleaner that you found it, and the planet too.

I've played with a few ideas for expression of these beliefs/ideals before. but none felt right, and then, my 'road to Damascus' moment and I knew how it all had to fit together.

There is a lot of 'political art' out there these days, and most of it rides on shock value, or schlock value some of it. I didn't want to cheapen the message by doing that, (I wouldn't anyway, I think shock art is cheating, and has no real merit~ just my opinion) and a lot of it is just plain ugly, also not my thing. Therefore my message had to be carried on a attractive package, and provoke thought without being vulgar or repulsive. So wish me (and Mother Earth) luck.

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