Monday, September 22, 2008

Do not move firewood

Now that fall is here, (sigh) we are back to art group. Kim Harrison (art god of London , and our mentor) spent the summer painting in Ireland, the lucky old sod. We are very glad he is back, and we are honoured that he has consented to lead us again. We have all learned so much from him that it would be impossible for me to list it all, and most of what we've (I've) learned couldn't be put into words anyway. It's too empirical for that.

"Do Not Move Firewood" has passed the Kim test. A part of me was terrified that he would hate it. When I told him that (after a glowing critique) he laughed and said I've never shown him anything that wasn't good, and that most of my work is wonderful, this included. No wonder we all love him.

"Do Not Move..." will be part of my "At Risk" series, and is inspired by the emerald ash borer, and all of the efforts to stop it. We here in Central Elgin County have been placed in a firewood quarantine, and have been inundated with fliers and notices telling us of the 'green menace'. Unfortunately, all those trees died in vain, (to make paper). The green menace marches on.

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