Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Praise Of Weeds

Last night at 11:00 I thought it was done. this morning at 4:00a.m. it whispered in my ear that it wasn't, and wouldn't be quiet until I got up and 'did' it.
Is it done??? I hope so, after all I have to hand it in tomorrow morning.
Tonight when I get home from work I have to frame and tag. then go over the other pieces I'm putting in the St. Thomas Show. to make sure everything is properly labeled, signed etc.
This piece is 24x30 the gold board is floated on the black board. The white on the black is a combo of real and painted milkweed fluffs.
the gold curlicue is representative of the 3400 mile journey that the Monarchs traverse each year. It takes 4-6 generations to complete that cycle and is one of the unexplained wonders of our world. Over laid on the curlicue are written man made hazards faced by the Monarchs, logging of Lomas de Aparicio, Bt etc. each are punctuated with a screw, since that's what the butterflies are (screwed) when they encounter these hazards. The green circle with a bite taken out of it is representative of the Lomas de Aparicio World Biosphere Preserve, which illegal loggers have taken a massive toll on, clear cutting, thousand of acres. Running around the blue area is a litany about the urban sprawl, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified Bt infused crops all of which are causing an alarming decline in butterfly (not just Monarch) populations, and could lead rather quickly to the extinction of at lest some species of butterflies. The ramble of words concludes with 'imagine a world without butterflies'.
See you at the show P.S. it's whispering to me Still, so watch for future changes to 'In Praise of Weeds'

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