Saturday, November 15, 2008

St Thomas show soon

The St Thomas show is fast approaching, and I'm still working on 'In Praise Of Weeds" this is another (and I hope the last) realism bit for it.

I've been busy building a cradle too. I went to a framing workshop recently and learned that if you want to do a floating frame for a piece on board, such as these, you have to 'cradle' the board. Which essentially means building a frame on the back of the board much like canvas stretchers on the back of a canvas. Catherine and I have also been busy getting some publicity stuff ready for a show at the Old East Studio complex that we have been invited to show at. That's Catherine's publicity shot at the top and mine below, unfortunately all of them are too dark so we're going to have to do them again. Or maybe it's my monitor which Noah used on the ark and needs replacing... desperately. The show is Dec 6-7 and I'll add info to my show etc list soon, for now follow the link above to their website which is called beyond business. must go T.T.F.N.

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