Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Secret Commission

commissioned portrait
Dear Robin

What a absolutely wonderful job you did painting Tillie and I. I will cherish it forever!!
Thank you is awesome, it could not be more true to life!
I'm happy its on your site!!!! Thank you once again.
Sincerely and very grateful
Faith and Tillie
That's the kind of reaction that tells an artist that they've hit the mark. Thankyou Faith for your permission to post the finished painting.

Like all of my realism work, I used a very traditional technique. I start with a Grissel (a mono tone shaded drawing in paint) to make sure that I have everything 'right'. Then I start glazing in colours (very thin transparent layers). Most paintings have dozens, in some cases a hundred or more thin thin layers of paint, in a very limited pallet. I only use about 6 colours. As I work almost exclusively in acrylic that goes much faster that it otherwise would, so I was able to complete this in 6 weeks, averaging 1o hours a week.

I've been working on other stuff at the same time, as perhaps you know, I'm still plodding away on 'Thank a Pollinator" part of the at risk series. unfortunately I ended up gessoing over (whitening out) most of what I did this week as I wasn't happy with it. There are people in my paint group that think that just proves I'm crazy... was there ever a doubt?
That puts me even farther behind. I won't be able to enter the Mississauga mixed media show "The New Hybrids" as a result, sigh... there is always next year.... sigh.
I am planning on entering the Woodstock "Visual Elements" show, and I've been invited into the "Appreciation of the Arts" show in St. Thomas. So...... I'll keep you updated, MUST go paint :)

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