Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank a Pollinator

Work has been proceeding on 'Thank A Pollinator'. The piece on the left has a painting of alfalfa on it. Like steak? How about ice cream... alfalfa is the feed of choice for cattle, and... that's right it needs to be pollinated!

The one on the right is just fun, I may yet add a dream catcher to the red circle, or maybe not. I like it just the way it is. It will tell me once the whole piece is assembled if it wants it or not.

I know I talk of my paintings speaking to me a lot. No I don't hear little voices, not quite. The artists out there will know what I mean though. When you're in the zone, there is a magical kind of sinking into your work that happens, and a dialog of sort develops. That is when your best work is made.

I need to complete a minimum of 3 of these little parts each week to have the whole finished for the April 1st opening of my show in Cherryhill Library . Catherine will have a few pieces of her sculpture in the display case there at the same time. I'll keep you informed, just remember the opening is on April 7th at 7 ;00p.m.

March I'll be in the Port Stanley Library for the month, and I'm looking at a couple of other juried shows that are just around the corner.

I realized something to day, or I suppose I became conscious of something that has been growing in the back of my mind. The 'At Risk' series isn't for sale, not yet. I would really like to take the whole series on the road. I know of artists who's work travels to the various galleries, and I don't mean just the 'big guys' (like the Warhol show in Kitchener)

There is a woman, who's name I have forgotten, who spoke at a Port Stanley Guild meeting about her travelling show. She did the most amazing fabric art, quilts like your grandma never dreamed of. Each piece told the story of W.W.II from the perspective of a woman who worked in the war effort. Women who made bombers, and ammunition. Women who worked at all manner of 'men's work' during the war. Women who flew the new made bombers to Britain, and flew the damaged ones back... if they made it back. Women who never received any recognition or thanks, were remembered in her art, which is now going around the world.

I don't know if it's possible, but I'd like to try. I'd like to get my message in front of as many people as I can, so I can say WAKE UP WORLD! This is fixable, but only if we start NOW.

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