Friday, May 15, 2009

How to: stretch canvas

Mmmm loading multiple pics is a bit like shooting an arrow into the air... where it lands I know not where...

Lets try and sort this out.

Last post I showed you how I cradled my board, next step was to seal it with primer, not shown.

Because I like the look and texture of canvas, but not the bounce I stretch canvas over top of the board. So, the top left pic shows the first go round of staples in the canvas. Note:staples should go in at a 45 degree angle to the edge of the wooden strip. There is one staple on each of the 4 edges in the 1st pic. You put in the first, than on the opposite edge stretch the canvas taunt and put in the second staple. Go to one of the remaining edges put in the third staple, then on the opposite edge pull taunt and put in the fourth staple.

Now you work your way back and forth, end to end (see top middle pic where there are now 3 staples on each edge) until you've reached the corners. Make a "hospital corner" just like making a bed :) and staple.

Now, deep breath I do two coats of coloured gesso, sand, then two to three more coats sanding in between each until I'm happy with the surface, and you thought I was just sitting around twiddling my thumbs LOL.

As well as prepping boards I've been working on 'elements'... which are all of the bits that go into one of my pieces, and working on 'the peaceable kingdom'. The magic has happened, I've figured out the next step for the next in the 'at risk' series, this one hasn't told me it's name yet. When it does, I'm let you know.

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