Monday, May 25, 2009

Giraffes and sketches

Family takes priority, always.

This week our family was spending a lot of time at the hospital. Thankfully grandbaby daughter is on the mend and all will be well. So... much of my art making this week, was sketching done in the hospital room. The sleepers are my daughter-in-law top, and the little one, bottom. (The thing on the top of her head is her 'party hat' that's where they put the I.V. when the patient is that young)

The sketches are displayed against the developing 'peaceable kingdom' you can see where I've been glazing the colour layers over the grissel. It always seems a miracle to me when the subjects start to come to life.
My 'studio gallery' is just about ready for visitors, I've been stymied by re-chargeable batteries that won't hold a charge. I can only put in about 10 screws then I have to charge, very frustrating. My goal is to have it ready and the sign on the lawn by this weekend. Our local intrepid reporter Dot did a nice article on Cathrine and I. In the article it said we were both planning to have open studio policies, also Relish Elgin is doing a special edition on art and artists in Elgin, we're on the map.... Just below my blog title is a map link and a phone number if you want to drop by, I recommend calling first, just in case I'm out (not often, or for long, but it does happen).

The St. Thomas studio tour was this weekend. the weather was beautiful, and the company was good. I met some interesting people, but attendance was way down. Better times are ahead.

This upcoming weekend is the Dorchester Artist Network show. The committee have been working their buns off. Come out, it's going to be wonderful.
We have added a student competition this year, so some talented youngsters from the area high schools will also be showing their work alongside of ours.

The gala is Friday evening, come out for some wine and nibbles, rub shoulders with the artist's and enjoy the art.
June is going to be super busy too, so stay tuned!

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