Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dorchester show, studio gallery

wood pecker painting The Dorchester Artist Network Show was a big hit in it's new location and new time. In the past we've always had the show in the community center, in the fall. This 'improved' show had a totally different look, and feel.
Kudos to the show committee and Sharon V. in particular for all of their hard work. The website will have pictures and a show report very soon.
Next on the agenda is the Port Stanley show, Art on the Green in Wortley Village, closely followed by the Belmont Art In The Park, all in the shows side bar.
The Art in the Park is Catherine's and mine brainchild. This will be our second year and it is looking to be an even better event than last year, which was a success by anyone's standards.
I've been hard at work on so many projects that I don't want to list them all here... that would be really boring! One though is my 'studio gallery', see the pic below. There are just a couple of small wrinkles to iron out yet, then I'll be ready for company. Call ahead and I'll have the coffee on!
The Peaceable Kingdom will hopefully be done this week, then I'll post it for you. The small mixed media above is called 'Knocking' . I used a couple of kinds of handmade paper in it. They reminded me of bark. The Downy woodpecker is a regular at my feeders, particularly when I put out peanuts and/or peanut butter. Downy's like many woodpeckers are suffering from man's tendency to groom the landscape, dead/dying tree? cut it down! and yet so many creatures from bats to bugs find their home and food sources in them. If you've got a dead tree unless it is a true safety hazard, consider leaving it up. Be kind to the earth,

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