Tuesday, June 16, 2009

peaceable kingdom, painting of giraffes lions zebras

peaceable kingdom painting

I very stubbornly stuck to my "the next post is 'kingdom' finished", statement Unfortunately mama zebra gave me grief, and I had to gesso her out - 3 times.

Any of the earlier versions were close, but not quite there. I just couldn't let it go though, imagine in 500 years if the only painting that survives is one that was an 'almost got it':(

Truthfully, I can't do 'that's good enough', which can be a bit of a pain, usually in someone else's neck. lol

'Kingdom' of course is a gift for my granddaughter. The subject was choosen to match her bedroom decor. I was surprised by my husband who admitted the likes my usual style better. When I started doing the mixed media he wasn't at all sure that he liked it, I guess it's grown on him :)

Catherine and I have had an extremely busy week and a bit. The picture of the 'artsy tartsy' gals was taken by our intrepid village reporter Dot Sales, at the Village Business Association, (know as the H.U.B.) information night. Artsy tartsy has a story, someone I used to know thought they were insulting me when they called me artsy tartsy (that person meant artsy fartsy, but didn't quite get it right... par for the course with that person) I liked it so much that I put it on 'T' shirts for Cat and I.


Catherine and I also did the Art On The Green in Wortley Village, London, and the Port Stanley Artist Guild's annual show this past weekend. Since I was one of the conveners for the P.S.A.G. show it's been a busy time. Now we settle down to doing Cloister Artist's Art in the Heart of London, and a few other events for the summer. We are booked every weekend until mid-September, but nothing we are organizing until November.

We have a meeting this a.m. with the area small business help rep, to find out what is available to get small businesses off the ground. Send good thoughts.

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