Friday, July 17, 2009

kestrel painting, or sparrow hawk mixed media

kestrel painting
Living in a rural area we see lots of these small kestrel/sparrow hawks. Usually perched on a telephone/hydro wire, as they peer intently at the grasses below, looking for lunch.
It doesn't seem that long ago, looking back over my half century, that sighting a hawk, of any kind was a rare occurrence. I still get a frisson of excitement when I see one. Birds of prey, being at the top of the food chain, were hard hit by DDT, but that comeback is in jeopardy. There has been talk lately of allowing limited use of DDT again. The hew and cry stopped it this time, but you can be assured that at some point someone will try again.
The board is painted rich metallic gold, and the large circle copper. Embedded in the copper circle are grasses and found objects, all representative of the kestrel's world of grasslands, and hidden treasures - as a kestrel would no doubt view a tasty mouse morsel. The painting is 18"x24" and is called 'Flight'.

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