Friday, July 24, 2009

Cardinal Painting, Cardinal triumvirate

cardinal painting
The cardinals are a composite of pictures I took during the winter of Cardies at my feeders.
They and the chickadee's are the most loyal customers I have. Well there are the sparrows too, several kinds I must add.
Looking at this painting (another of those 5x15's) on the screen I see a bit of work to be none yet on the bottom cardinal, that's another great reason to post them here, 'cause I see them a bit differently when they're on the screen. The colours etc are true, I just see them a bit more impartially.
I've only had two days in my studio this week. I've worked 5 full days this week and will next also, between Thomas the Tank Engine, (caricatures 8.00, all proceeds to the museum) and filling in for people on Holidays in the plant care business- London Interiorscapes- . I'm just not used to that any more, oh my, how quickly my body forgets.
I've also been framing up some of the little 3x5's that I did in the spring. They seem to sell better that way, but it's very time consuming. The HomesteadHouse milk paint you see, and the polycrylic finish are for the frames, not the paintings... I only use Golden and Liquitex artist supplies. I want my work to last. I will say though that HomesteadHouse is great paint.
The Big New Thing this week, is I finally started up on Facebook. I was concerned that it would just be another time waster, and I limit myself to a max of 1 hour daily to the I-net, but I quickly have come to see why it's so popular!

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