Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Award Nomination

I think most people work as hard for recognition, as they do for tangible rewards, ie money. I'm no different.
So being nominated for an award is incredibly rewarding.
The former Communities in Blooms, ( I'm not sure what it's now called, but it reflects CIB's expanded reach) gives out awards of different criteria, one of which is environmental awareness
and that is what I, and my art is up for.
The committee is coming next Monday to interview me and take photo's of my work. Wish me luck!
The little pic's posted here are some of the small pieces I framed up last week. It's interesting seeing how much more appealing they are to people, then when they were unframed. There is a ongoing debate in the arts community regarding framing, should we, should we not... I'm definitely falling onto the should side, for small pieces anyway, larger ones.... what do you think?
Don't forget, Friday is the "First Friday" in Port Stanley. We had lots of fun last time, join us, there is lots to see and do. It's almost like a monthly street party.
I've been asked to show some of my work at Pinecroft on Saturday, and Sunday is of course. art in the heart of London.
I just hung part of my 'at risk' series in Joe Preston's, and another piece in the Elgin Tourism office. So all in all it's been a busy week.
I have another piece under way, it has a strange little story attached to it, but I'll tell that when I can show you the piece.

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