Wednesday, August 12, 2009

storm damage, and watching paint dry

We had a horrific storm here in S/W Ontario Sunday night. Our peach tree split right down the middle, and there were several trees and large branches lost here in the village.
The power was off for close to 12 hours, and worst of all I lost several appliances including my scandisk. That loss really hurts, as it allows me to paint directly off of the images on my camera's memory card, by showing them on a small T.V. in my studio. A printed photo doesn't have the same depth and clarity. Hopefully I can find another one, and hopefully it's not too expensive.
The committee came and interviewed me for the 'Developing Environmental Awareness' award that I've been nominated for. I think the interview went well... after all I can talk for hours about the environment, and what we can do today, to help 'turn this ship around.' The interview was originally scheduled for Monday, but - see above, we were in clean up mode.
I have a couple of pieces almost ready to show you, but... I'm waiting for layers to dry so I can add another (layer), in other words... I'm watching paint dry :)

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