Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mother and Child painting first step

mother and child painting
That's a bit of a misnomer, the actual first step is griding out the proportions, then comes this step which is called a grisaille. This is where I fine tune the drawing of the portrait. Since I'm only using umber and sienna I can easily over paint and correct until I'm satisfied. This is the step that takes the most time. So far I have 7 hours into this one, and I've a LONG way to go yet. Have I mentioned that I'm picky?
I've been spending hours getting the studio tour going too, most of the administrative/publicity stuff will be done this week, and then I have 3 weeks to get some work (painting) done, or I'm not going to have any thing to show.
I've also been asked to show my 'At Risk' series at the Pinery Oct 3rd. I'll have more details soon.
First Friday in Port Stanley will continue until December, the St Thomas Elgin Artists' Guild show is just 6 weeks away, and I thought the season was winding down...

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