Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sudio Tour progress

Tomorrow, is the first Friday event in Port Stanley, I'm not sure that I'm going as that is the day we have to deliver maps and signs for the studio tour, and I doubt I'll be back in time, but it's a fun event, so you should go anyway. Saturday is my show at the Pinery Provincial Park, I've got my fingers crossed for good weather, I'll be inside, so I'm not worried about rain, except from the stand point of, will people come if it's poopy?

No wonder nobody wanted to organize a studio tour. It's an incredible amount of work.
It's all I've been working on the last few weeks. Catherine and I have contacted artists and 'attractions'. In most cases that means driving out to talk to them, then driving back after they've thought about it, to drop off posters and pick up information forms.
I've spent hours sending press releases to various event calendars, thank goodness that's mostly on line now, I created a brochure and a map-time gobbler- driven the route, good thing I did, one road was closed, and another not where google maps said it was???
We've been making signs for the participants, and this afternoon we've got to go back to the printers (multiple trips) to get the map/brochures, and have signs laminated.....then we have to deliver signs and map/brochures.... pant pant, I'm exhausted lol.
Hope fully all of the running will be over this week and then other than a few more ads, I can get back to creating art.
This should be an awesome event, and next year we'll a) know better what we're doing, and b) not have to re-do some of this, since signs and map templates can be used year to year.
the map and brochure are here
Remember, this is a fund raiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. We can beat this dread disease

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  1. We KNOW how much work it is and commend you for it. I hope I can catch part or all of it.
    Mary Simpson


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