Thursday, October 22, 2009

mother and child done

Done I hope.
After much fiddling around and about 10 hours of banging head against wall.... I'm finally happy with Mom's hand, mostly.
I have to wait for the paint to cure, before I'm sure, but...... here's hoping.
The studio tour was a success. Thank you, to all who helped make it so, and thank you to all of you who came out. I will be putting an accounting on the tour website, just as soon as all of the cheques clear, and the bills come in. It looks like we made approx $149.00 for cancer research. That is just what we collected in fees, after expenses, with the donations the artist's collected added in. The 'attractions' will I hope have put out their jars and I hope they've collected donations too, we'll soon know.
The Relish Elgin Magazine was here, during the tour, in the form of reporter Deborah Bagshaw, and her photographer, sorry I've forgotten his name. They've written a lovely article for their website.
We were blessed with wonderful weather, the only descent weather this fall. What a year it's been, weather wise.
'Twas the Art Before Christmas is fast approaching, just a couple of more weeks... the 'other piece' I'm working on has to be ready for that. I have 6 pieces going into that show, counting the one that's not done, so, back to work!

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