Saturday, October 31, 2009

'Twas the Art Before Christmas

'Twas the art before Christmas is just around the corner. Nov 6,7,8. The St. Thomas Guild always put on a good show, there will be live music and hors d'oeuvres on the opening night, 7-10 pm. with the show continuing Saturday 12-8 pm, and Sunday 12-6 pm.
St T. has the most diverse group of artists, of any group/guild in this region, so you should really check it out.
Port Stanley's first Friday, art walk is also on the 6th, as is the art auction at S.T.E.P.A.C. so it's a busy weekend for art lovers.
Did I say Mother and Child was done.... well the farther alterations will eventually be posted on the 'commissions' page of this site/blog. As I said, acrylics, change as they dry, rats.
For anyone considering a portrait for Christmas, I have just two more pre-Christmas openings, and the time for them is fast disappearing. Remember though, gift certificates are always available, and make a thoughtful gift.
I'm still working on a new piece for the St Thomas show, that I'll' show you next time, it's another piece on pollination. There is so much to say on that subject, that I imagine I'll be 'talking' through my paint about it for a while.
I got this article in my inbox today, about an artist in Michigan who is being taken to court, by a company that has stolen his designs, and is trying to take the copyrights too. That's like a company that makes knock off Gucci's trying to put Gucci out of business so they can have the market to them selves.
Please go to the site and support the artist's fight. If he looses, we could all loose our artist's copy right to our work, which would mean any one could take our work for them selves and then sue us to shut us down, as is happening here.

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