Thursday, November 5, 2009


This piece and six others, will be in the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, guild show which starts tomorrow night Friday Nov 6th 7-10 pm. and runs Saturday 12-8 pm and Sunday 12- 6 pm. at 18 Princess Ave St Thomas.

This piece celebrates the web of life, and the way species diversification exploded with the evolution of pollination. I've used a couple of new to me techniques here, one is etching into the surface of one layer to expose the layer beneath. I've also dyed cloth and added it to the red background, although it's not very visible in this photo, it gives a cool textural effect on the actual painting which is 24x30 inches.

The gala opening will be a good time, to come and see the effect for your self.

Catherine and I have been taking a course re: business marketing, accounting etc with the small business development office in St T. When we signed up for it along with the training there was a program called Self Employment Benefit. SEB is a federally funded program that has run for 23 years to help get small business's of the ground, the success rate of business's from this program is more than double that of businesses that start without the support. So the Ontario government (only Ontario of all the provinces) has decided to cancel it, but to take the money from the feds and put it into second careers training. Now that sounds O.K. until you realise that about half of the people in my now unfunded SEB class have been through the Second Careers but were unable to find jobs, and decided to start their own business. Add to that the fact that most of them will be hiring others and now we see how foolish the province is being. especially since it costs under 17,000.00 to fund a SEB, but the average SC is between 15,000.00 and 20,000.00, with no one to employ them when their done. As you guessed even though we (Cat and I) had been approved we missed the funding by 1 day, not even a full 24 hours, that funding would have made a huge difference to what shows I could afford to enter, (entering shows cost's often upwards of $15.00 a piece and usually a lot more, most of the bigger ones cost 1,500.00 to 2,000.00), and yes, I'm a bit pissed. However I do believe everything happens for a reason, I just can't see to reason for this one yet.

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